EU M15 - 17 June '09

Whilst chatting on Forex IRC, took the opportunity with a number of others took sell failure past the Daily R1.

Short 30 lots at 1.3920
Result: Trailing stops hit on 5 lots at 1.3900 (gain of 20), 10 lots at 1.3910 (gain of 10) and 15 lots at 1.3920 (break-even)

Short another 30 lots at 1.3890
Result: Trailing stop hit on 15 lots at 1.3860 (gain of 30) and TP on 15 lots at 1.3841

5 x 20 x 10
10 x 10 x 10
15 x 0 x 10
15 x 30 x 10
15 x 49 x 10
= USD13,850.00

Although 2 wins out of 2, I'm a little upset at how choppy EU is these days. Not a big earner for me lately.


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