GJ M15 - 17 June '09

Daily bias is down, trend was also down at the open.

Stayed out until London opened and then shorted GJ 30 lots just below Daily PP at 158.16
Result: Trailing stops hit at 157.70 (10 lots), 157.80 (5 lots) 157.90 (5 lots), 158.00 (5 lots) and 1.5810 (5 lots) on *cursed* price spike

Shorted again 30 lots at 157.65
Result: TP at 156.20 (30 lots) **removed trailing stop and used wide SL because of previous spike

Long 15 lots at 156.27
Result: TP at 157.20 ** I have WeeTrader and peglegtrading (see http://meantrade.blogspot.com/) to thank for this exit. Excellent call!!

10 x 46 x 10
5 x 36 x 10
5 x 26 x 10
5 x 16 x 10
5 x 6 x 10
30 x 145 x 10
15 x 93 x 10
= USD66,250.00

3 wins out of 3. Hate the whippy action earlier, but very lucky to have friends helping me out on the last trade. All out after that.


Craig Masterton said...

Hey mate, its Craig_Aussie from the chat the other night (or day??). I am curious to know what you use for charting. I currently use MT4 which I really like but the data drops in and out every now and then, plus there are a few data glitches, namely spikes/dumps that arent there. I know this because I checked against the real prices in the IB platform. (which by the way have the crappiest charts I've ever seen!)

Having been in the game for 12 years I thought you would be the one to ask! I was wondering if you know a paid data provider that I can link into MT4? Or do you use another charting package like Metastock FX Pro that you would recommend?


PS> If you don't mind me asking, what is your preferred broker? IB has been a little iffy for me so far. It's good 99% of the time but the data feed for FX drops out every now and then!

MiniBahn said...

Hi Craig! Catch up with me on forex irc and I will share my thoughts with you. Trying hard to maintain my blog as a commercial-free zone! :-)

Craig Masterton said...

Hakuna matata! No problem!


nils said...

hey, just post over here .. dont want to mess up ur latest about leverage and ur portfolio.

it's nils from the ircforex chatroom, maybe u remember. anyway.

can u tell me ur variable in the pivot point indicator?:

ShiftHrs ?

do you trade on gmt or which timezone? standard is 5 (new york +5 is gmt)


MiniBahn said...

Hi nils. I believe we've solved the problem? :-)

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