GU M15 - 17 June '09

Daily bias is up, trend was also up for Asian session.

Shorted GU 30 lots just below Daily PP at 1.6360
Result: SL hit at 1.6390 (loss of 30 pips) on price spike.

Went long 30 lots, buy limit hit on the spike at 1.6390
Result: Trailing stop hit at 1.6410 (gain of 20 pips)

Short limit order hit, 30 lots at 1.6390
Result: Trailing stop hit for 15 lots at 1.6300 (gain of 90 pips), TP for 15 lots at 1.6225 (gain of 165 pips)

30 x -30 x 10
30 x 20 x 10
15 x 90 x 10
15 x 165 x 10
= USD35,250.00

2 wins out of 3. Hate the whippy action earlier... what can you do?


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