Intraday (M15) - 19 June '09

Last day of the week and I'm trading with my new money management parameters.


Daily bias is up whilst immediate trend is only slightly bearish.

Long 10 lots at 1.6341 (10 pips above Daily PP)
Result: Set & forget trade with SL at 1.6311. TP at 1.6441 (gain of 100 pips)

10 x 100 x 10
= USD10,000.00


Daily bias is up and immediate trend is also up.

Long 10 lots at 157.33 (10 pips above yesterday's Daily PP which happens to offer significant support)
Result: Set & forget trade with wide SL at 156.83. TP at 158.83 (gain of 150 pips)

10 x 150 x 10
= USD15,000.00

Total Tally = USD25,000.00


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