Intraday (M15) - 23 June '09

Gosh, what a day! What a daaaaay!!!! Fantastic! And I had a blast along the way too... with the coolest bunch of traders over in the ( chatroom. A real blast. What a truly fun batch of people. Truly amazed by the diverse characters... and they were making unbelievable pips. Congratulations to them too!

I traded 6 pairs today, to make up for lost ground yesterday: cable, euro, euppy, geppy, loonie and even the chunnel.

I made a whopping 33 intraday trades with 25 wins, 6 losses and 2 break-evens giving me a 76% winning percentage, which is a bit higher than my usual 65-70%. After a shaky start, the cable and euro found unbelievable momentum. But the clear winner and largest contributor for me today was geppy (with 8 wins and 2 losses). All in, I netted approx. USD96k. This represents a 6.41% daily return with leverage.

Thank you God for the wonderful day!

ERRATA: I had inadvertently missed out my 'loony' loonie trade in the trade count. So, it should actually be 34 intraday trades with 26 wins, 6 losses and 2 break-evens. Winning percentage is correct at 76%.


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