Intraday (M15) - 24 June '09

A very sluggish trading day. Saw some rather whippy action at the Daily R1 for Geppy. Was a bit worried when the first 4 trades resulted in 3 losses and 1 break-even, but I kept plugging on and eventually finished Geppy with 4 wins, 5 losses and 4 break-evens. Not an easy pair to trade today.

In total, I made 24 trades today with 12 wins, 6 losses and 6 break-evens for a 50% winning record which I'm quite unhappy about. Nonetheless, it was a winning day with just over USD37k. Just one of those days... sigh.

So, in 3 days this week I've made a total of 71 trades, with 45 wins, 16 losses and 10 break-evens for a 63% winning record. At just over USD148k, this represents an aggregate leveraged return of 9.92% for the week. This in turn roughly equates to approximately 13% unleveraged return per annum which is good.


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