Intraday (M15) - 26 June '09

A very whippy Friday and a very low yielding one. In all, I made 15 trades today with 8 wins, 4 losses and 3 break-evens with a 53% winning record. Nonetheless, I managed to earn about USD14k... all of which will be donated to some of Michael Jackson's favourite charities.

So, for the week, I made 88 trades with 53 wins, 15 losses and 20 break-evens for a 53% winning record... totaling approximately USD243k. This represents a 16.21% weekly return on equity with 50:1 leverage, which works out to be 13% per annum on an unleveraged basis.

All in, another solid week. Have a good weekend everyone. :-)


Sameer said...

Very impressive, never met someone with this much potential. GOod to know people like you atleast like to share and educated the lower of us. Keep it up. Could you if possible share your system?? Would love to learn it.

MiniBahn said...

Hi Sameer, my strategy is explained here:

nils said...

mini, hi mate. i have some questions .. hope u will help me out?

1. where can i find the news indicator u use?
2. do u use pending orders near to the pivot lines? i guess u.
3. seems u still use trailing stops? thought u will not use it anymore? but then u must change it generally .. means not 4 trades with different lotsize if all have the same tp, you can just open one trade with a bigger lotsize because it will not take profit before sar change trend?
4. what means the number besides the profit of the trade (in your pictures).? for example at cable beside of 8800.

maybe we can talk at ircforex or u answer here, thanks for u help.

Sameer said...

Hey mini;
Thanks alot for sharing your system. I'll study for a couple of days to see how it copes. Thanks again; and looking forward to some more informative articles. Have a great weekend.
PS: enjoy the profits :D

MiniBahn said...

Hi nils,
2. yes.
3. still fine-tuning.
4. simplfied pip value.


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