MiniBahn's Portfolio Re-Balancing

The more prudent side of me has finally taken hold... with a significant effect to the equity I put into my trading portfolio. Having reached my 2009 earnings target in slightly less than 6 months... I've taken the decision to put some money aside for a rainy day and hence pare down the equity in my 3 trading accounts by approximately 60%. Nonetheless, what remains is still a trading portfolio that's a healthy 3 times my starting equity in January 2009.

Taking account of seemingly countless advice to treat my trading as a business, I've also begun to better account for both direct and indirects costs related to my trading activities such as spreads, commissions, incidentals, etc.

Leverage has also been brought down from 100:1 to 50:1.

My risk management approach remains largely unchanged (for now), in that my daily at risk remains 3% of my equity and my risk per trade at 0.3%. Allowing for a maximum stop-loss of 45 pips, I will now be trading a maximum of:
- USD100/pip or 10 full lots per trade for a high-confidence trade;
- USD50/pip or 5 full lots per trade for a medium-confidence trade; and
- USD20/pip or 2 full lots per trade for a low-confidence trade.

It is hoped that once I've fully migrated all 3 of my trading accounts to ECN brokers and armed with my 'yet-to-be-earned profits', I will be able to reduce my daily at risk to 2% and my risk per trade to 0.2%.

Finally, and most significantly, I've decided to devote two-thirds (2/3) of my trading portfolio to intraday trades and one-third (1/3) to longer swing trades. This is a significant shift in time horizon for me and I naturally hope that it pays off. The daily pip-target still remains at 150-pips per pair for GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY and GBP/JPY (even-though I've been struggling with EUR/USD and USD/JPY of late).


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