OLD: My Long-Term Trading Chart

This is my long-term trading chart. I will trade off the H4 and look at H1 for the a more detailed view. All you really need is the 100SMA to determine the immediate trend and the weekly pivot point indicator to determine weekly bias and to see price action in relation to it.

You can download the weekly pivot point indicators here:



Stewart said...

Hi Minibahn... What happened to UDR Minibahnistan, you're not growing up are you!? ;P I am REALLY interested in using your technique on a Smartphone (watching one on e-BAy right noew!) @ 4hr timeframe & my scalping 'trading partner' will be trying it out on M15 throughout the day! When you say "...look at H1 for the a more detailed view..." what do you mean by that? For adjusting your SL? Having not used any of these indicators before, are those buy/sell arrows generated on the completion of that candle? If-so... WOW! Also, setting your SL when placing the trade & as the trade progresses would be using the 'Support & Resistance (Barry)' diamonds? I look forward to cathing up with you in the chatroom!

Blogger said...

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