UPDATED: Quote of the Day

The Quote of the Day belongs to pumba who in response to "GJ M15 low confidence long on my part, buy order filled on 5 lots at 157.54... SL below daily PP," said:

"... but its very likely gj will reverse again and hit 156... and thats why going long now is only something inexperienced players would do... so again basically u want to do the opposite of what an trader who thinks he has experience even if its 10years tells u."

Duly took my 30 pips on that move.

So, devise a sound strategy... plan your trades and trade to your plan. It's much better than being definitive and stupid! :-)

UPDATE: and I quote, "I'm not here all the time so I can check with you guys... I've got better things to do than to make mo in FX." That explains it then... spoken like the amateur that he is.

So, case closed and no more pumba quotes. I shall just ignore him from now. As they say, "never take fashion advice from a blind man."


Stewart said...

I believe he has 'issues' :P

grask said...

big issues :)

Stewart said...

Hey Mini, I have the transcript from his latest irc fxchat hijack! You want it?

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