Speaking of Trading Strategies & Systems...

Whichever trading strategy one employs, be it fundamental, technical or a mixture of both, and whichever system one chooses to deploy the strategy, be it discretionary or system driven... I'm of the opinion that there's truly no 'holy grail'... in that, there simply doesn't exist a trading methodology that's 100% accurate. That is of course not to say that there aren't trading strategies and systems that have the ability to churn out good returns, and consistently so.

So, just because one subscribes to a particular strategy and system... it is not a licence to downplay and/or discredit any other strategy and system out there. Each will have it's own advantages and disadvantages... and for as long as they work and the trader using them is happy with its overall performance and results, then I say, "Good."

I don't mind if the 'know-it-all' takes the time and effort to succintly point out the advantages and disadvantages of a particular strategy or system... and thereafter present suggestions for improvement or even go as far as to offer a better alternative. But to simply be dismissive and then not be in a position to offer anything positive or constructive in return... is downright absurd. And in my humble opinion, such a person is acting in a very dishonest manner and has little credibility!

The strategy and system I employ is not foolproof... and you will never find me trying to 'sell' the methodology to anyone.

It is the way that it is and I share it readily. Naturally, I'm also constantly in search of improvements and readily welcome constructive discourse... like any good benevolent dictator should! :-D


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