Apologies for not updating my daily trades. Having a tough time finding the time to honestly. Will try and do so, as soon as I can.

Monday rush hour was filled with volatility... and I was getting whipped around silly. Though I managed to make a small profit at the end of the day, trading itself was a frustrating experience.

Tuesday is a much better day so far. I'm still avoiding EUR/USD as it's really, really whippy. Other majors traded today were GBP/USD and USD/CAD... both yielding modest results. Big earners so far are coming from Geppy (GBP/JPY), Euppy (EUR/JPY) and Chunnel (EUR/GBP). Will try and find the time to past actual results for today and yesterday later on.


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Fixed Ratio Money Management

It's been a while since I last blogged about Money Management, what many consider to be the most important yet overlooked subject in trading. As one of the three (3) pillars of trading success (the other two being Mind and Method), I therefore feel that I have an obligation to share more of my thoughts on the matter.

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