Week In Review (15 - 19 June '09)

It's been a challenging week, to say the least. Plenty of 'chops' and my poor judgment on a fair share of trades are clearly evident. All in, I've made over USD500k this week. Sounds fantastic, but again... needs to be put in proper perspective.

At 100:1 leverage, that amount represents a weekly gain of 0.16% return on equity on an unleveraged basis... or 8.53% annual return on equity on an unleveraged basis. This is of course, consistent with my 12-year career average.

In total, I made 45 trades... with 30 wins, 12 losses and 3 break-evens. This represents a 66% winning record... again, consistent with my 65-70% average.

So, all in... given the conditions and my own shortcomings, I would say that the week's perfomance was SOLID & CONSISTENT! No major breakthrough here. :-)

I shall now enjoy my weekend... and gather my thoughts for next week. :-D

-- minibahn --


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