EU Intraday - 30 June '09

I've decided to take a different approach in sharing my trades. These charts are screenshots taken during the trading day, and for those in the #forex chatroom at would have seen these in realtime. Hopefully, this will promote greater understanding of how I go about implementing my strategy and as to the thought process that goes into the trades.

And I hope, you'll appreciate too... the speed in which I go about my work, courtesy of the years spent as an institutional trader. FYI, I have to monitor, analyse & manually execute my trades... for 5 pairs (Cable, Euro, Geppy, Euppy and Chunnel)... PLUS having to take screenshots, post them in the chatroom AND have having to entertain question after question. :-)

Note: The small punt long from 1.4092 reached it's target at the Daily R1, 1.4131.

Note: The SL was hit and I reversed 10 pips above the Daily S1 (see below).

Note: TP sometime after this and went off. :-)


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