My Challenge to Pumba

[18:01] from the trading i see in here, noone of u have the chance of ever working as an institutional trader
[18:01] not even one

My response to the above is a simple challenge. Put up or shut the f**k up!!

I'm challenging pumba as follows: I am willing to provide solid evidence as to my work experience as an institutional trader... documents, witnesses and all. As for the wager... well, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. We'll both put up matching bank guarantees and get an independent arbiter.

So what say you, COWARD?


Sameer said...

Hey mini;
Honestly.. i'm surprised to see you so wound up in his little kiddie games. Regardless of what the truth is; and i'm not denying your claim...but who cares... let him rant on, and let your self keep piping. LOL
my 2 cents...

Cpt_Jack said...

This was pemba's response when i told him about this post;

"pumba>: yes im sure bahn one of the worst traders is able to tweak his blog so that he looks good in the past"
"pumba>: dudes later"

classic pumba :-)

Stewart said...

Hi MiniBahn!

Sorry, I'm with Sameer on this one mate! Everyone thinks (knows) he's a pleb... Don't lower your game to anything like his level! (That's a whole lot of lowering!)

Dudes later whatever.

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