Trading or Gambling Screen

Trading or Gambling Screen (

Low Risk

According to your answers on the “Trading or Gambling?” screen, you are at low risk of having a trading addiction. For professional traders, risks are limited and discipline is central. However, some traders are unable to effectively control their impulses or manage financial risks, and a trading problem ensues. When a trading problem is compounded by hiding losses and increasing debt, then trading addiction is probable.If you suspect that you have a gambling or trading problem, then please contact a mental health professional for a complete assessment of your symptoms.


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Fixed Ratio Money Management

It's been a while since I last blogged about Money Management, what many consider to be the most important yet overlooked subject in trading. As one of the three (3) pillars of trading success (the other two being Mind and Method), I therefore feel that I have an obligation to share more of my thoughts on the matter.

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