Who's Screwing Who? Forex Brokers Lose Too!!

This was reported some time back, and totally forgot to blog about it. It's commonly thought that Forex Brokers hold the keys to money making machines, are 'evil' and are out to screw their own clients. It would surprise many therefore, to learn that many U.S. Forex Brokers actually LOST money in July 2009. Anyhow, here's the full article... enjoy!

July was a bad month for all brokers. With the exception of GFT, Oanda and MB Trading all brokers lost money that month. It’s also very interesting to see that Gain Capital lost over $12 million dollars – I’m not aware of any reason behind that. It is in-line however with the $50 million loss so far that Gain reported couple of weeks ago in its IPO registration documents.


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